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Division of Microbiology

Mailing address : Division of Microbiology
National Centre for Disease Control
22, Shamnath Marg, Delhi-110054
Tel/fax 011-23912836
Name, Designation and Contact Details of the Head of the Division : Dr Sunil Gupta, MBBS, MD (Microbiology),
Additional Director & Head (Microbiology)
Tel No. (O)23912836
Tel No. (R)27436070
e-mail : drsunilgupta.ncdc@gmail.com 
Fax 23912836
Other officers in the Division :
  1. Dr. Charu Prakash, Additional Director - Virology
  2. Dr. Somenath Karmakar,  Additional Director - Mycology & DD Lab
  3. Dr. Sandhya Kabra, Additional Director - Hepatitis Lab
  4. Dr. Simrita Singh, Joint Director, Influenza & TB Lab
  5. Dr. Partha Rakshit, Deputy Director, Hepatitis Lab
  6. Dr. Sarika Jain, Assistant Director, ARI Lab
  7. Dr. Purva Sarkate, Assistant Director, Polio Lab
  8. Dr. Mahesh Waghmare, Assistant Director, Media Room
  9. Dr. Aarti Tewari, Assistant Director, CARD
  10. Dr. Sanjim Chadha, Assistant Director, Influenza Lab



Inviting comments / feedback on National Action Plan on AMR  


Broad outline of activities of the Division
  • Routine and Referral diagnostic services for viral, bacterial and mycotic diseases
  • National laboratory for Polio surveillance (AFP) & Supplementary Surveillance (Sewage)
  • Laboratory support to outbreak investigations
  • Laboratory support to IDSP
  • Microbiological analysis of environmental samples
  • Training on laboratory aspects
  • Preparation and supply of reagents, culture media, diagnostic kits and other materials as support to outbreak investigations in the country as well as to the network of collaborating laboratories in various organizations and institutes in the country.
  • Storage and supply of vaccines ( eg meningococcal for Haj pilgrims)
Units within the Division
No. Unit
1 Virology laboratory
2 Viral Hepatitis laboratory
3 Diarrhoeal Disease laboratory
4 Acute Bacterial Respiratory Infections laboratory
5 Tuberculosis laboratory
6 Medical Mycology laboratory  
7 Environmental Microbiology laboratory
8 Central Media Supply Unit

Unit 1 : Virology Laboratory: Broad Activities

Routine and referral services for viral infections
  1. National Polio Surveillance Programme
  2. National Influenza Surveillance Programme
  3. Teratogenic Viruses
  4. Viral encephalitis
  5. Sub-acute Sclerosing Pan-encephalitis (SSPE)
  6. Coxsackie B virus infection in Cardiovascular disorder
  7. Laboratory support to Outbreak Investigations
Biosafety Level-3 Laboratgory
The BSL-3 laboratory : an important support to the Division
Figure #: Multiplex PCR for detection of respiratory viruses in samples from acute respiratory infections

Unit 2 : Viral Hepatitis Laboratory : Broad Activities

  • Sero-surveillance of viral hepatitis
  • Laboratory support to outbreak investigations
  • Teaching/training as and when required
Unit 3 : Diarrhoeal Diseases Laboratory: Broad Activities
  • Laboratory based surveillance of Cholera in and around Delhi.
  • Isolation and identification of diarrhoeal pathogens like Salmonella, Shigella, Vibrio, Enter pathogenic E . coli etc
  • Serotyping and Laboratory confirmation for Vibrio cholerae, Salmonella and Shigella
  • Antimicrobial susceptibility testing of various entropathognes like Vibrio, Salmonella, Shigella, and Enteropathogenic E coli
  • Detection of rotavirus antigen in stool by ELISA method .
  • Teaching and Training
  • Processing of samples received from States from suspected Cholera / Acute gastroenteritis outbreaks.
  • Laboratory support to Disaster management / outbreak investigations.
  • Daily notification of Cholera positive cases for Authorities to undertake control measures.
  • PCR of Vibrio Cholerae for the detection of CTX-A gene
  • Strains of Vibrio, Shigella etc stocked for future work
Fig # : Examination of colonies in culture of specimens in Diarrhoeal Disease Laboratory
Unit 4 : Acute Bacterial Respiratory Infection Laboratory: Broad Activities
  • Providing routine diagnostic services including referral diagnostic services in acute bacterial infections especially acute respiratory infections, acute pyogenic meningitis, septicaemias , enteric fever , urinary tract infections and other pyogenic infections
  • Carrying out laboratory based surveillance of diphtheria and epidemic prone meningococcal meningitis.
  • Stocking and supplying meningococcal meningitis vaccine to Haj pilgrims
  • Organising training programmes and workshops for state health officials and staff on laboratory aspects of bacterial infections.
Unit 5 : Tuberculosis Laboratory: Broad Activities

To provide following diagnostic Services for Tuberculosis by undertaking the following investigations:

  • AFB smear examination
  • Culture for Mycobacteria by conventional and Radiometric method.
  • Serology for tuberculosis.
  • PCR for Tuberculosis
  • Drug susceptibility testing for M.tuberculosis.
Unit 6 : Medical Mycology Laboratory: Broad Activities
  • Mycological diagnostic services for the diagnosis of various fungal syndromes like candidiasis, aspergillosis, mycetoma, dermatpphytosis etc especially those associated with immunodeficiency or tuberculosis, diabetes etc.
  • Teaching and Training
  • Outbreak investigations.
  • Stocking and maintenance of fungal culture for future use
Unit 7 : Environmental Microbiology Laboratory: Broad Activities
  • Bacteriological quality testing of water from various sources of Delhi like Nirman Bhawan , Airport and VVIP Flights caterers e.g. Taj Sats Hotel.
  • Processing of water samples received from States as part of outbreak investigations of acute gastroenteritis.
  • Teaching and Training
  • Disaster management / outbreak investigations.
  • Collection and processing of sewage samples collected from sites identified by MPSP
Unit 8 : Central Media Supply Unit: Broad Activities
  • To prepare and supply a variety of solid and liquid culture media and biochemical test media for use in various laboratories of NICD for routine and outbreak investigation needs.
  • To provide training to laboratory personnel as and when required in the areas of washing, decontamination, autoclaving and media preparation.

Fig # : Preparation of media in Central Media Supply Unit

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