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Scientific publications (2008 – 2009)

  1. Ali MK S, Regu K, Rajendran R, Mohanan M K and Ganesh B Awareness of Health Personnel about Lymphatic Filariasis and Mass Drug Administration in Kerala State. J Commun Dis 2008; 40: 37-40.
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  4. Biswas S, Mittal V, Lal S and Shiv Lal. Present susceptibility status of Rat flea X. Cheopis (Siphon aptera: Puli ci due) vector of plague against organo chlorine, organo phosphate and synthetic pyretheroids. The Nilgiris District, Tamil Nadu, India. J Commun Dis 2008; 40: 41-45
  5. Biswas S, Lal S, Sharma PS, Ramakrishnan R, Hantia Y, Banu AK, Manickam P, Kakkar M, Mittal V and Gupte MD. Scrub Typhus in Darjeeling, India: Opportunities for simple practical prevention measures for a disease of the poor. Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg 2009; 103: 1153-1158
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  8. Das BP, Katyal R, Sharma A, Raina VK, Saxena VK and Shiv Lal. Natural vertical transmission of dengue virus in peak summer collections of Aedes aegypti ( Diptera : culicidae) from urban areas of Jaipur (Rajasthan) and Delhi J Commun Dis 2008; 40: 155 – 157.
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  28. Thakur S, Singh S, Pasha ST, Rawat DS, Shiv Lal and Mittal V. Use of multilocus microsatelite typing (MLMT) for the genetic analysis of Indian isolates of Leishmania donovani. Ann Trop Med Parasitol 2009; 103: 461-6

CD Alerts published (2008 – 09)

  1. C D Alert entitled “Diphtheria – a re-emerging threat”, Vol 12.No1, Jan- March 2008 (Gupta S, Dhariwal AC and Bahl A)
  2. CD Alert entitled “Cholera : A continuing challenge to Public Health ”, Vol 12, No. 2 , April – June 2008 (Chawla U, Dhariwal AC, Karmakar S, Chaudhary M and Bahl A)
  3. CD Alert entitled “Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease”, Vol.12:No.3; July, 2008 (Gupta N, Dhariwal AC, Aggarwal R and Bahl A)
  4. CD Alert entitled “Yaws Eradication”, August, 2008; Vol.12: No.4 (Singh J, Bora D, Singh S, Kaur R, Wattal S and Bahl A)

Papers presented in national/international scientific meetings/conferences

  1. A paper entitled “Inclusive Partnership Strategy for Improved drug delivery for Lymphatic Filariasis Elimination in Urban areas of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India”, presented in 20th National Congress of Parasitology held at NEHU, Shillong from November 3-5, 2008 (Kamal S, Dhariwal AC, Shukla KP & Shiv Lal)
  2. A paper entitled “A regional trend of Japanese Encephalitis epidemiology in India” in a Global Meet on Veterinary Public Health from 19th to 21st November 2008 at Lucknow, India. (Roop Kumari, Shiv Lal and V.K. Saxena)
  3. A paper entitled “Malaria threat following tsunami disaster in Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India and its control” in a conference on “International meeting on surveillance of emerging diseases” (IMED) held by International Society for Infectious Diseases, Vienna, Austria from 13-16 February 2009 (Roop Kumari , PL Joshi and Shiv Lal )
  4. A paper entitled “High Income group contributing more for breeding of Aedes aegypti the vector of dengue and chikungunya in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh (India)” in the international Conference on entomology held at Patiala on 20th to 22nd Feb, 2009 (Sarita Kumar, Rakesh Katyal, Kaushal Kumar, Sunita Patel, Shaukat Kamal and Bora D)
  5. A paper entitled “Potential risk of Dengue/DHF transmission in a selected locality of NCT town Gurgaon in Haryana (India)” Abstract No. O-42 page 74 in the Abstract book of International Conference on Entomology held at Patiala w.e.f. 20th to 22nd Feb, 2009 I(Rakesh Katyal and Sarita Kumar)

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