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Division of Malariology & Coordination (M&C) and Establishment/Upgradation of NCDC Branches


Name of Technical Division

Division of Malariology and Coordination (M&C) and Establishment/Upgradation of NCDC Branches

Full Mailing Address

National Centre for Disease Control,

22, Sham Nath Marg,

Delhi – 110 054

Telephone: 011-23946662


Head of the Division

Dr Vinay Garg, 

Joint Director & HOD

Telephone: 011-23912893


Other officers in the Division

Dr. Jaikaran, Deputy Director, NCDC Branches work

Dr. Girish Kumar Makhija, Deputy Director,NCDC Branches work

Dr. Avinash Santhulia, Medical Officer, M & C work

Sh. Harmeet Sachdeva, Private Secretary (1/2 day afternoon)



Organizes and coordinates training courses for malaria control for District and State level Programme officers. Orientation for short / ad-hoc courses from various health institutions for under graduate / post graduate students of Nursing, Veterinary and medical colleges of the country are also regularly organized including personals from Police and Defence organization. In addition various courses for Laboratory Technicians and other Malaria field Supervisors are conducted regularly.

Laboratory Services: The malaria clinic of the division examines and cross examines  blood slides for the presence of malaria parasites from patients referred by hospitals from Delhi, Haryana  and Uttar Pradesh in addition to free diagnostic service to all institution & individuals who report here for the laboratory  diagnosis of malarial parasite. The Division also undertakes examination of blood slides for assisting in outbreak investigation and cross examination of slides for verification related to field and laboratory based research activities.

Support services: The officers of the Division has been regularly deputed for outbreak  investigations , diseases surveillance following disasters like earthquake, floods and other natural calamities including the present bird flu outbreaks in various parts of the country.

Research activities: With its trained manpower and laboratory the Division had initiated various research activities related to study of malaria endemicity, and field trial of strategies for predicting malaria outbreaks based on locally available data.

To provide technical support for outbreak investigations, conduct operational research and trained manpower development in the field of malarial diseases and their control in the country.

Diagnostic support is provided to state Governments for laboratory diagnosis of malaria infection.

Coordination of the orientation visits of nursing and MD students.

 Training Programmes :

The division coordinates various training activities with all the divisions. Coordination of the orientation visits of Nursing & MD students. The division extends regular short term orientation/ training to the visiting under and post graduate medical, nursing and homeopathic students. Students came from  different  institutes viz:  Hospitals,   Veterinary Army officers,  MBBS Students of Army,  Medical officers  of AFMC, Senior Medical officers of BSF , MD (CHA) &  DHA Final Year students,  M.Phil, MPH and Ph.D students, Nursing students (Bachelor’s and Master’s) from various Nursing Institutions, Post Graduate students of Community medicine of Medical Colleges, Trainees of ‘diploma in health promotion Education” & PG- DCHC, CGHS & CHS Officers, BHMS students and  DNB for short term training.