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National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) - Government of India

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 City Name   AQI Value 
Delhi 170
Ghaziabad 123
Gurugram 155
Noida 145

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Centre for Bacterial Disease and Drug Resistance and Antimicrobial Resistance Containment


Centre for Bacterial Disease and Drug Resistance,
National Centre for Disease Control,
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Telephone: 011-20832486


Head of the Division:


Dr. Lata Kapoor
MBBS, MD (Microbiology)
Additional Director
Email ID: lata[dot]kapoor[at]gov[dot]in


Other Officers in the Division:


Dr. Madhumita Barua
Deputy Director
MBBS, MD (Microbiology)
Email ID- madhumita[dot]barua[at]ncdc[dot]gov[dot]in


Dr. Trupti Shende
Deputy Director
MBBS, MD (Microbiology)
Email ID- drtrupti[dot]19[at]ncdc[dot]gov[dot]in



Other Staff in the Division


Mr. Udaiveer Singh
M.Sc. (Zoology) 
Assistant Research Officer


Mr. Manoranjan Mishra
M.Sc., M.Phil, PGDCP
Research Assistant
Email ID- manoranjanmishra[at]ncdc[dot]gov[dot]in


Dr. Swati Chauhan
Ph.D (Microbiology), M.Sc.
Research Assistant


Mr. Madhusudan Chaturvedi
Research Assistant
Email ID-  mschaturvedi[at]ncdc[dot]gov[dot]in



Mr. Vikram Jeet Yadav
Research Assistant



Mr. Rajesh Kumar
Research Assistant



Mr. Sachin Khandelwal
M.Sc. (Biotechnology)
Research Assistant



Mr. Shashi Kant Sharma
B.Sc. (Hons.), Chemistry



Mr. Yogander Prasad
M.Sc. (Biochemistry), PGDESD


Mr. Pramod Kumar Shrewas
M.Sc. (Zoology) DMLT



Mr. Diwan Singh


Mr. Munish Sharma
Insect Collector


Mr. Morris Sampson
Insect Collector


Mr. Krishan Lal
Insect Collector



Mr. Aakash Tripathi
Laboratory Attendant


Mr. Shiv Kumar
Animal Attendant



Mandate of the Division:

Laboratory investigation of bacterial disease outbreaks; 2. Referral diagnostic services to health care facilities and state public health units; 3. Bacteriological testing of drinking water during outbreaks; 4. Operational research; 5. Conduct training programmes/workshops; 6. Develop guidelines and SOPs 7. Implementation of National programme on AMR Containment: Logistic Management, Technical support, trainings, site support visits 8. National Referral Laboratory for AMR conducts quarterly EQAS and Alert confirmation of AMR priority pathogens received from the network sites. 9. Coordinate with stakeholder ministries and departments regarding activities under National Action Plan-AMR (NAP-AMR). 10. Coordinate International collaborations on AMR