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Air Pollution Data from CPCB

 City Name   AQI Value 
Delhi 188
Ghaziabad 166
Gurugram 211
Noida 201

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Alwar Branch


Full Mailing Address:

Alwar Branch, National Centre for Disease Control, Near Gopal Talkies,
Alwar 301001.
Telephone: 0144-2700716



Head of the Division:     




Email ID:




*Other Staff in the Division



Sh. Ravindra Kumar Jain
E-Mail ID-




Sh. Gajanand Yadav
E-Mail ID-

Sh. Ankit Khandelwal
M.Sc. (IT)
Junior Statistical Officer
E-mail ID-




Sh. Jai chand Singh
Upper Division Clerk
E-mail ID-



Sh. Amit Meena
B.Sc, B.ED.
Lower Division Clerk
E-Mail ID-



Sh. Pappu ram Jatav
E-Mail ID-






Mandate of the Division:


To Impart field training to different categories of medical and paramedical health personnel admitted to various training courses being conducted at National Centre for Disease Control, Delhi. To Undertake research, and provide service in the field of communicable diseases. To undertake investigation of outbreaks and formulations of measures to control. Support to various National Health Programmes such as Pulse polio Immunization Programme and other given by H.Q. Services provided include Widal test, Malaria parasite testing & water examination. Training in public Health i.e. FETP, Paramedical FETP, MPH, Malaria & NVBDCP, EIS like Courses &during health emergency situation like flood, earthquake, cyclone, tsunami, Covid-19 & outbreak/ epidemic etc. Support to intensive pulse polio programme (IPPI) & training in various courses given by HQ NCDC



Research projects and Publications (With website link):


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