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Air Pollution Data from CPCB

 City Name   AQI Value 
Delhi 339
Ghaziabad 332
Gurugram 329
Noida 326

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Bengaluru Branch



Bengaluru Branch, National Centre for Disease Control
(formerly Plague Surveillance Unit, NICD)



Mailing address




National Centre For Disease Control
Plague Surveillance Unit, NTI Campus,
8, Bellary Road, Bangalore-560003.
Tel No : 080-23346723
Fax :080-23446723
e-mail :


Name, Designation and Contact Details of the Officer-in-charge of the Branch





Dr Vikas Janardhan Gode(PH),

Assistant Director (Additional Charge in addition

to Rajahmundry branch)

Tel No. (O)080-23446723
Tel No. (R)080-23643544
Mobile. 09443698944
Fax :080-23446723
e-mail :


Other officers in the Branch : Sh Sohan Lal, MSc, Deputy Director


Broad activities of the Branch

  • Study of the population stress under which rodent migration takes place from sylvatic to peripheral commensal habitats.
  • Study of the shift in rodent population consequent to inter-ference in ecology in urban, semi urban and rural situations in endemic areas.
  • To map out the fauna of rodent fleas in the country vis-à-vis their sustaining hosts particularly with reference to Xenopsylla cheopis and Xenopsylla astia.
  • To work out the dynamics of flea infection inter-change on hosts at ecological inter phases.
  • Serological investigations of rodent as well as bacteriological investigations for isolation of plague organism from rodent and vector fleas.
  • Collection of epidemiological information regarding rodent epizootics and human cases with lymphoadenopathy in illness simulating plague and its investigations.
  • To work out the susceptibility status of fleas to various insecticides
  • Evaluation of rodenticides / fumigants for the control of rodents in different ecological situations.
  • Outbreak investigations of communicable diseases, manpower development
Units within the Branch:
  1. Plague Surveillance Unit
  2. Leptospirosis Surveillance Unit


Plague Endemic States In India
  Tamil Nadu
  Andhra Pradesh
  Himachal Pradesh