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Kozhikode Branch



Kozhikode Branch, National Centre for Disease Control 
Formerly Regional Filaria Training & Research Centre, NICD

 Mailing address



3rd floor, Kendriya Bhavan, M.S.Baburaj Road, Kallai (PO), Kozhikode, Kerala-673003

Head  of the Branch


Dr.K.P. Hamzakoya,

MS (Opthal), DPH, Additional  Director

Tel No. (O) 0495- 2325502Tel No. (R) 0495- 2321882

Mobile: 08547663406

E-mail: / 

Other officers in the Branch


1. Dr.K.Regu, M.Sc, B.Ed, Ph.D, Joint Director,

    Tel No. (O) 0495- 2325502

     Tel No. (R) 0495-2371356

     Mobile: 09846999291


 2. Dr.R.Rajendran, M.Sc, Ph.D, Deputy Director

     B.Malayi Research Unit,  (Field & Research Unit Under NCDC, Kerala), THQ 

     Hospital Campus, Cherthala, Alappuzha District -688524          

    Tel No: (O) 0478-2823422

    Tel No: (R)  0478-2822880

    Mobile: 09895915028




Broad  outline of  activities of the Branch



  • Training and Capacity building
  • Research
  • Specialized services and
  • Outbreak investigation and control



Training Programmes





  • Training course on Filariology for Filaria Inspectors/Technicians for 10 working days- 2 courses
  • Training course on Lymphatic Filariasis Elimination for Medical Officers/Biologists/District Programme Officers for 5 working days- 2 courses
  • One day lecture cum demonstration classes on Lymphatic Filariasis to Medical students, Homeo Medical students, Nursing students, Sanitary Inspector trainees etc.



Major Achievements





  • Surveillance of Aedes aegypti, the vector of Yellow fever, dengue, Chikungunya and Zika virus in and around International Airports and Seaports of Kerala ( Kozhikode, Kochi & Thiruvananthapuram Airports & Cochin Seaport) & Tamil Nadu ( Tiruchirappalli Airport & Tuticorin Seaport)- during Pre monsoon and Post monsoon periods.
  • Filaria clinics and morbidity management in Lymphatic filariasis.  
  • Investigation on Brugia malayi in Balasore and Bhadrak districts of Odisha.5309 blood slides from Bhadrak   district examined.  
  • Cross checking of blood slides received from 14 District Vector Control Units  of Kerala.  
  • Evaluation of Mass Drug Administration against Lymphatic Filariasis in Palakkad & Malappuram Districts of Kerala. 
  • Surveillance of Aedesspecies of mosquitoes, the vector of dengue, Chikungunya and Zika virus in Alappuzha and Kozhikode districts of Kerala. 
  • Clinico-parasitological surveys in Alappuzha,Malappuram and Palakkad districts. 
  • Investigation on Dengue, H1N1, Leptospirosis and increased dengue deaths in Kerala- along with Central Team.
  • Surveillance of Vectors of Japanese Encephalitis (JE) in Alappuzha District.
  • Government of Kerala has allotted 1.5 acres of land in Thiruvananthapuram town for establishing NCDC Branch.
  • Received Best NCDC Branch Award for the year 2016-2017

 Research Projects Undertaken


Assessment of prevalence and intensity of soil transmitted  helminthes(STH) among pregnant women  and school children at two sites in India.






  Any other specialised activities







  1. As a referral Centre of Lymphatic filariasis, cases are referred from  Medical Colleges and other Health Institutions of the locality for  Diagnosis and treatment
  2. Supply of preserved material e.g. mf slides and vector mosquitoes to medical colleges and other health care centres
  3. Project guidance to M.Sc Medical Microbiology students from  Kannur University- 04 students
  4. Classes on Lymphatic Filariasis and Mass Drug Administration, Vector Borne Diseases and their control to Medical Officers and Paramedical staff.
  5. Investigation on Dengue outbreak in Keezhariyur panchayat of Kozhikode district
  6. Investigation of Cholera in Mavoor panchayat of Kozhikode district
  7. Study on Vectors of Malaria in Kozhikode town
  8. Mosquito identification services