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Air Pollution Data from CPCB

 City Name   AQI Value 
Delhi 192
Ghaziabad 167
Gurugram 221
Noida 202

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Kozhikode Branch


Full Mailing Address:

National Centre for Disease Control,
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Telephone: 0495-2325502


Head of the Division:


M.Sc, B.Ed,PhD
Email ID-



*Other Staff in the Division


Smt. Anushree SB
Research Assistant
Email ID-


Smt. Anila Rajendran
Research Assistant
Email ID-


Shri. W. Tamizharasu
M.Sc, D.M.L.T
Email ID-



Lab Assistant
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Shri. V.R.Rajesh
Lab Assistant
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Shri. N.B.Narayana
Lab Assistant
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Shri Muhammed Arsal MM,
Laboratory Attendant, NCDC
BSc Physics
Email ID:


Shri. Habeeb KI
8th Passed
Email ID-



Shri. Sahadevan A
Email ID-



Shri. Amarnath M
Email ID-



Shri. Joshua Jeevanand G.


Shri. Rohan Mehra
Hr. Secondary
Email ID-


Shri. S.Sunilkumar
7th Class
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Shri. B.M.Ravindrakumar
10th Failed
Email ID-



Shri Lijo Varghese K.
Laboratory Attendant, NCDC
BA failed
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Mandate of the Division:







Research projects and Publications (With website link):


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