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Varanasi Branch


Varanasi Branch, National Centre for Diseases Control
Formerly Regional Filaria Training & Research Centre, NICD


 Mailing address



Dhelwaria, Chowkaghat, Varanasi – 221 002 (UP)

Phone No.   : 0542- 2211882

Fax No.       : 0542- 2211882

mail :


Name, Qualification, Designation and Contact Details of the Head of the Branch


Dr. Awadehesh Kumar Yadav                              

Medical Officer and Officer In Charge

Phone no.(off) 0542-2280153


Other officers in the Branch

(Name, Qualification & Designation)





Broad outline of activities of the Branch



  1. Manpower development by Coordinate Training Programme on Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis (LF) of Medical /Para-Medical officials  i.e Medical Officers/Biologists, Filaria Inspectors/ Technicians Working in NFCP  units & Urban Malaria Scheme (UMS).
  2. Carrying out operational research & training to support National Programme of elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis.
  3. Supervision of Yaws Eradication Programme (YEP) activities in Mirzapur & Sonebhadra   District of Uttar Pradesh.
  4. Support to Integrated Disease Surveillance Project (IDSP) in the State of Uttar Pradesh.
  5. Outbreak investigation of various communicable diseases in the State of Uttar Pradesh & other States as per the direction of NCDC HQ
  6. Services to public through weekly Night & Day Filaria Clinic and Lymphedema Management clinic of    filarial patient.
  7. Night Blood Survey for detection of asymptomatic microfilaria (mf) carriers in rural/ urban areas of Varanasi.



Training Programmes




Since its inception, this centre have conducted several training courses for Medical Officers/Biologists & Technicians/Inspectors working under National Filaria Control Programme (NFCP) & Urban Malaria Scheme (UMS)  of different Filaria endemic States/Union Territories  of the country. These training courses include in-depth training on Filariology (Entomology, Parasitology), morbidity management and the concept of Mass Drug Administration (MDA) for elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis. Two courses are conducted by the branch:

  • Training course on Filariology for Filaria Inspectors/Technicians for 10 working days- 1 course
  • Training course on Lymphatic Filariasis Elimination for Medical Officers/Biologists/District Programme Officers for 5 working days- 1 course




 Major Achievements



  1. Referral centre for Day & Night Filaria Clinic patients in Northern part of India.
  2.  Regular/Routine 31 training programmes for Medical Officers/Biologists/District Programme Officers and 39 for Technicians/Inspectors in last 15 years in Filariology.
  3.  Contribution towards Yaws free India as Nodal Officer for YEP in Mirzapur & Sonebhadra District (UP)
  4. Support in various Outbreaks investigations in UP when required.



Research Projects undertaken




Assessment of prevalence and intensity of soil transmitted  helminthes(STH) among pregnant women  and school children at two sites in India.


 Publications   :



 Any other specialized activity  :  The centre is also known as, Regional filarial training and research centre, NCDC ,Varanasi  branch which  also provide ICT card test for micro-filaremia detection, free of cost by using kits provided by NVBDCP for the Filaria patients attending its regular  filarial clinic services .