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Air Pollution Data from CPCB

 City Name   AQI Value 
Delhi 132
Ghaziabad 99
Gurugram 139
Noida 123

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Stores Section


Store-in Charge: Sh. Pankaj Kumar, M. Pharmacy (Pharmacology), MBA, Stores Officer

The Stores/Procurement Section is responsible for procurement of around 40 Chemicals, Diagnostic Kits; Machinery & Office Equipments, stationery/misc. items, liveries/ uniforms for Group D Staff, Ration for animals etc. by calling tenders on CPP Portal, Gem/through Govt. Agencies by adopting purchase procedures as laid down in Government norms. Stores Keeper is responsible for issuing all these items and other related stationery & general items to all the Divisions/Sections of this Institute for their day to day requirements.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Section has been involved in the following activities:

  • Calling of  Tenders, Direct/Single & Govt. Purchases and GeM for procurement of various items by issuing Supply Orders
  • Uploading of most of the tenders on CPP Portal and on NCDC website for their wider publicity and for fetching most competitive rates is a recent effort from Stores, as per GFR Guidelines.
  • Co-ordination with Procurement Cell, Dte. GHS as well as M/s HSCC,and MSO/GMSD etc. Government Procurement Agency in respect of procurement of emergency items e.g. Ventilators, Semi Automatic Analyzers, Tami flu Tablets/Syrup, PPE Kits, N-95 Face Masks, Triple Layer Face Masks and their stockpiling & distribution/dispatch to various states.
  • Stores are also involved in Logistic of said supplies from NCDC to Delhi Airport and co-ordination with different States regarding receipt of items.
  •  Annual Maintenance of Laboratory & Office Equipments.
  • Co-ordinating purchases of eight Branches of NCDC by issuing sanctions for quotations called by these Branch In charges.
  • Maintenance of proper accounting for maintaining Stock/Issue Ledger of all stocks (approx. 1500 items).
  • Procurement Section of NCDC has been given Credit Code No. for Credit facility in booking Bird/H1N1 related items.
  • Letter of Credit for Import of Items is also being managed by Stores/Purchase Section of NCDC.
  • Efforts have been made towards initiating computerization of receipt of stores & maintenance of records from 2010-11.
  • In 2017-18 around 300 Supply orders have been issued.
  • From August ,2017 ,Stores NCDC has also managed H1N1 logistics of IDSP to different states through Medical Stores Organisation(MSO) and GMSD,Delhi.