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Air Pollution Data from CPCB

 City Name   AQI Value 
Delhi 152
Ghaziabad 189
Gurugram 129
Noida 148

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Additional Director & In-charge Library 



Assistant Library and Information Officer 



Ph. No. 011-23966065


Also, the library provides the following services to the readers and scientific workers:

Bibliographies: The library regularly provides literature (CD-Alert, Laboratory Manuals, etc) on various subjects of interest to the research workers and participants attending various courses at the NCDC.

Reference article retrieving service: Reference articles are retrieved through more than 200 journals from NML-ERMED Consortium from National Medical Library, Delhi and fro on receipt of request from Members.

Liaison with other libraries: The library maintains liaison with Scientific and Medical Libraries in the country through inter-library loan facilities to meet the demand of the research workers and the participants attending various courses at this National Centre. The library also gives books and journals to other libraries on inter library loan.

Net searching and Photocopying Services: The library is providing net searching and photocopying services to the readers and the researchers.

Newspapers/Magazines: The library subscribes 54 newspapers and 43 Magazines, both in English and Hindi.

Newspaper Clippings: Daily Health news clippings are scanned from the selected English and Hindi Newspapers and Magazines. The news items on subjects related to Cholera, Typhoid, Rabies, Yellow Fever, Measles, Japanese Encephalitis, Salmonella, Influenza, Hepatitis and other epidemic prone diseases and Health Sciences are retrieved and provided urgently for information to the concerned health officials for initiation of rapid measures for control.


The membership of the NCDC Library is restricted only to NCDC, NVBDC and also participants of various courses.

The Library is in the process of up-gradation and is moving towards digitization, on-line journals, and preservation of archival material.


Net searching facilities at NCDC Library

A rare collection at NCDC Library – a book on entomology published as early as mid 18th century (year 1745 AD)