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Services provided by the Institute



A. Outbreak investigations:

a)          To assist the states, when required, in the investigation of the outbreaks of epidemic prone diseases ( No time line can be fixed);

b)         Surveillance of epidemic prone diseases through State/Districts Surveillance Units (SSU/DSU) to detect the outbreak at the earliest ( No time line can be fixed);

c)          Investigate rumors in cases of diseases that have been considered as eradicated/eliminated e.g. Smallpox, Guinea Worm, Yaws (1-7 working days of receipt of information from concerned state health authorities).

B. Diagnostic Services@

·         Serological testing and confirmation of HIV infection (walk in clients: 1 working day, Referral clients: 7 working days), Serological investigation for Dengue (3-4 working days), Japanese Encephalitis (3-4 working days), Chikungunya viruses (3-4 working days) and Syphilis (1 working day);

·         Lab investigation under Polio Eradication (3-30 working days), Sero-diagnosis of sporadic jaundice cases and jaundice outbreaks (5-10 working days), Serological investigation for leptospirosis (3-7 working days) and Brucellosis (3-4 working days);

·        Serological screening of high risk groups, namely medical/paramedical personnel, family members spouse/partners of hepatitis B or C carriers, multi transfused individuals, antenatal women, etc. (5-10 working days);

·         Malaria diagnosis (1 working day);

·         Absolute CD4 T-Lymphocyte Count (1 working day);

·         Polio surveillance in Sewage water samples (3-7 working days);

·        Culture report for mycobacterium tuberculosis (6-8 weeks), Species Differentiation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.TB/NTM) (10-12 working days);

·         Stool Microscopy (2 working days), Stool Culture Serotyping (7 working days) and antibiotic susceptibility testing of Salmonella, Shigella and Vibrio Cholera (7 working days);

·         Serology Testing for Aspergillus/Cryptococcus/Histoplasma antigen detection (7 working days), Mycological diagnostic services for clinical specimens (1month);

·         Disease investigation for toxoplasmosis (5 working days), leishmaniasis (for LD bodies- 1 working day)  for promastigotes examination (7-10 working days) and  neurocysticercosis (5 working days);

·        Weil-Felix Test & IgM ELISA for Rickettsia (3-7 working days), ELISA for Hydatid disease (3-4 working days), IgM ELISA for Hanta virus (5-7 working days), IgM and IgG ELISA for lyme disease (5-7 working days);

·        Isolation of different types of viruses such as Dengue virus (15 working days), Chikungunya virus (15 working days), JE virus  (15 working days) and Rabies virus (10 working days);

·        HIV/AIDS Counseling of direct walk in clients, patients and their families (1 day)

·        Molecular diagnostic tests based on PCR/RT-PCR/gene sequencing for important epidemic-prone infectious diseases (3-10 working days) [only on samples referred from different Divisions of NCDC viz, Division of Microbiology, Division of Zoonosis, Centre for HIV/AIDS & Related Diseases etc.]

@     Subject to the availability of kits/diagnostic reagents


C. Other Services: Other important services provided by the Institute are:

a)             Quality Control of Biologicals: The institute routinely provides quality control services for various vaccines like Hepatitis (15 working days), diagnostic test kits for AIDS (15 working days), etc.

b)            Storage and supply of vaccines and other biological materials: The institute stores reagents, test kits and vaccines and distributes these to various state health directorates and medical colleges on request. It also provides larvivorous fish for the biological control of mosquitoes to various public health agencies ( as on demand in 3-4 working days);  

c)             Entomological investigations: Includes identification of arthropods of medical importance specially during disease out-break situations (1-14 working days);

d)            Testing of insecticide formulations:

S. No.

Name of the test/trial

Expected time to complete the test after receiving the sample


Laboratory bioassay/efficacy test



A.  Larval trial per      insecticide/formulations/test insect

6 months


B.  Adult trial per insecticide/formulations/test insect

  1. Bioassay persistent effect per panel
  2. Repellent effect
  3. Knock down effect

8-12 months


Field trial/evaluation



A. Small scale field trial

12-18 months


B. Large scale field trial

12-24 months

Vary as per the requirement of the agency and no. of villages where trial is to be undertaken


               e)   Disaster Management: It includes Situational analysis of health, Initiate preventive and control measures and Establishment of surveillance system for Epidemic Prone diseases (1-14 working days).