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NCDC Internship Programme


NCDC is introducing a regular calendar of internship in the various technical divisions, as per details below:

Technical Division wise eligibility, number of seats and period of internship:

Sl. No.

Name of Division

Eligibility required for internship

No of tentative seats/ year

Period of internship duration


Epidemiology Division


PhD Epidemiology


Upto 6 months (July)


Division of Microbiology (Respiratory and teratogenic virus lab)

MSc (Microbiology)/

MD (Microbiology)/

PhD (Microbiology)


3 months (Jan/July)


Centre for Bacterial Diseases and Drug Resistance

MSc (Biotechnology/Medical Microbiology/Microbiology/Biomedical Sciences)

PhD (Biotechnology/Medical Microbiology/Microbiology/Biomedical Sciences)


Upto 6 months (Jan, July)


Division of Biochemistry

PhD (Biochemistry)/ PhD (Biotechnology)/, MSc. (Biochemistry) /M.Sc. (Biotechnology)/B.Tech. (Biotechnology)/MPH


Upto 6 month


Division of Biotechnology

M.Tech (Biotechnology)/ M Sc (Biotechnology)/MSc (Microbiology)


Upto 6 months (Jan, July)


Centre for Environment and Occupational HealthClimate Change and Health

MBBS/BDS/MD or DNB (Community Med.)/ MPH/Masters in Nursing/Masters in Ayush/

MSc Clinical Psychology/

MSc Nutritional Sciences/

MSc Environmental Sciences/

MSc Statistics/Biostatistics

MSc Social Sciences/MSc Life Sciences/B. Architecture/B. Engineering (Civil)

MSc Veterinary Sciences/

Post graduate Entomology


Upto 6 months


Division of Zoonosis and One Health

MD (Community Med), MPH,

PhD (Epidemiology)

M.VSc, B.VSc


Upto 6 month

(Jan/ July)


Division of Non-Communicable Diseases



Upto 6 month



Centre for AIDS and Related Diseases

MSc (Microbiology)

MD (Microbiology)

PhD – in relevant discipline


3 months (Jan/July)


Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP)

MBBS/MD/DNB (Community Medicine, CHA, Epidemiology)/

Graduate in life sciences pursuing MPH from recognised institutions/Graduates in mathematics / biostatistics


Upto 6 month (Jan/July)


Centre for Medical Entomology & Vector Management (CME&VM),

Ph.D (Entomology)

MSc EntomologyZoology


Upto 6 months (Jan/July)


Enterovirus Division

MD (Microbiology)

PhD (Virology)


Upto 6 months (Jan/July)


Centre for Arboviral & Zoonotic Diseases **

Pursuing MSc (Microbiology/Zoology)

MD/PHD (Microbiology)



6 months


* Perusing MPH second year or completed MPH from recognized University

** MSc Internship (With or without thesis) from recognized University


The other details are as under:


  1. Internship cycle: Initially NCDC will offer two internship cycles in a year. The first cycle will be open from January for which the application will be accepted in the month of Oct-Dec of preceding year. The second cycle will be from July for which applications will be received from April to June of the year. 
  2. Fees: NCDC will offer the internship free of cost. However, no stipend will be paid to the prospective interns. Based on availability and individual assessment, hostel facilities may be made available as per norms. No long leaves will be admissible during internship. However emergency leaves may be sanctioned on recommendation of departmental head. 
  3. Certificate: On successful completion of the internship period and based on recommendation of departmental head, a certificate will be awarded. 
  4. Application Process: Interested applicants who fit the eligibility criterion can apply through an online form which will be available on NCDC website and payment of a nominal application fee of Rs 500/ through demand draft in the name of Director NCDC. Additional supporting documents such as a support letter from the University (if perusing a course) and at least three letters of recommendations supporting relevant experience will be expected from the candidate. NCDC will communicate acceptance after process of screening and approvals from competent authority. If large number of applicants apply, NCDC may introduce a process of screening and selection. 
  5. The internship programme will be coordinated by the training division, DPD. 
  6. The tentative number of seats may vary depending upon the availability of seats. 
  7. DGHS & Director, NCDC reserves the right to reject any application without assigning any reason.